Um…what IS this?

In preparation for my trip in the morning, I was looking at the images of SEA-TAC airport on Google maps.  Right before I closed it out, I noticed the below aircraft taxiing away from the terminal.  What in the hell is this?

huhI am at a loss.  And googling it has produced nothing!


04/13/13 update:

So while I was in Seattle, I showed this picture to one of my co-workers, who is a former Air Force officer.  We pulled up Google Earth and, after studying the picture, he figured it out – this is one moving plane and it was captured in two sequential pictures.  With the way Google blends the pictures together to make the full image, this plane was merely caught in both pictures, causing it to look like some government experiment gone wrong when really it’s just satellite image trickery of one plane that was in motion!  Mind unboggled.  Finally.


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