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Omigosh! I’m so excited!

Eeeeeeeeee!!!! (<—- That’s the sound of me being thrilled, btw!)

So I’ve been an admirer of Twig Terrariums for quite a while now.  As someone who can’t even manage to keep a Rosemary plant alive, terrariums seemed like the ideal way to nurture plant life for me.  And Twig makes it even more awesome because their terrariums are completely whimsical and feature tiny people and cute little worlds.  And – here’s the clencher – they do custom work!!!!

So what did I order just now?  My own little Terrarium featuring something that’s very special to me!

First, I’ll introduce you to the terrarium style I chose.  I’m going for this one, minus the girl showing off her tatas.  I love the rustic look of the jar.

And, second, because my obsession with the 1940s controls pretty much all aspects of my life (except for the decisions to get my nose pierced and buy a Mustang), I have requested they create the famous World War II V-J Day Times Square kiss inside my terrarium!

V-J Day kiss

EEEEEEEEE!!!  See why I’m so excited now?  I can’t wait to see the finished product!  It’s going to have a home right amongst my antique radio collection.

SO STOKED!  I’ll be sure to post pictures once I have it in my possession!  Oh!  And as soon as we have that one, we’re going to order my husband one – featuring Bigfoot!

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