Yeah. So… about that…

Despite the fact that I’ve been pretty transparent about my religious journey and have previously blogged that I was rejecting the LDS Church, it is now the Sunday of General Conference and I’m about to watch the afternoon session.  I missed all the others due to my sleep schedule (and the fact that we HAD to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier yesterday), but I did watch Elder Holland’s talk this morning and I know I’ll catch up on everything else soon. (Not gonna lie, I’m an Elder Holland fangirl.  I’ve listened to every talk of his that I can find. LOVE that man.  Also love Eyring and feel like he should use his fantastic voice to narrate every documentary ever.)

Fact: I still can’t reconcile some of the LDS Church’s beliefs with my own.  That hasn’t changed.

Fact: I find great comfort and inspiration in the words of the LDS church leaders.

Fact: I’m at a point in my life where I believe that inspiration comes from all directions and that God works in millions of ways to reach us.

Fact: Close-mindedness has no place in my life, especially right now.

So, yeah.. as usual, I’m bouncing back and forth like I’m caught in a pinball machine.  But from the moment I decided to reject convention and do and believe and worship where I felt called to rather than where I was “expected” to, ricocheting from this to that has kind of been par for the course for me.

Anyway, T minus 5 minutes until the start of the afternoon session!


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