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Super quick mid-move update

So the thing about moving and anxiety is that they don’t mix.  At all.  These last six weeks have been incredibly stressful to the point where I nearly shut down completely, but we’re finally on the downward slide into being done.  I’m now at my job in Seattle and the movers just took our stuff away in Indiana and loaded it all on the truck.  Next Tuesday, I fly back to Indianapolis and Tim and I will finalize things there, then we’ll hit the road for the Great American roadtrip from Indianapolis to our new home in Kent, WA.  (I’m not even going to talk about the struggles to find a house until after we’re moved in.  I can’t handle reliving that yet!)

Once we’re finally in our house, I’ll post pictures of our adventure from beginning to end.  Until then, can I have some prayers for safety on our road trip?


Writer, blogger, wife, full-time career woman, reader, crafter, dog mom, amateur historian, lover of liberal causes, proud Jewish woman. Dream of climbing Mt. Rainier. Although a Hoosier by birth, the Pacific Northwest is my home.

2 thoughts on “Super quick mid-move update

    1. Thanks! I’m inspired to revisit Puckleberry whenever I’m in Seattle thanks to ARLTY. Now that it’s “home” I want to pay homage to them in fic, and then dig in and work on my manuscript!!! Washington is inspiring.

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