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Can we be friends?

I want to befriend other aspiring novelists or full-fledged authors so that we can talk and share ideas  and offer support but I have no idea where to meet them.  Hello?  Writers?  Are you out there?  Can we chat?

Fanfiction and creamed dried beef

So I used to be a rather prolific fanfiction writer in the Puckleberry corner of the Glee fandom, and then I quit cold turkey and stopped watching the show.  Thanks to stupid Tumblr, some gifs popped up on my dash that threw my former… Continue Reading “Fanfiction and creamed dried beef”

Feel like beating my head against a wall!

I feel like I’m never going to be a productive writer again.  I have tiny, fragmented ideas for three separate novels bouncing around inside my head like fireflies on a summer night.  Nothing is longer than a few lines, and the scenes are fleeting… Continue Reading “Feel like beating my head against a wall!”

Seattle, writing, and… Honey Boo Boo?

I’m going to Seattle in one week!!!!!!!!!!!  Those that know me know how freakin‘ excited I am about this trip.  Plus, it’s a business trip, fully paid for by my employer, and I get to spend five nights in the city I’ve been dreaming… Continue Reading “Seattle, writing, and… Honey Boo Boo?”

Question for the writers out there:

Does music inspire your writing?  Do you hear a song and envision a scene, or do you write a scene and then connect the perfect song to it?  Or does music not move you at all when it comes to crafting your story? Please… Continue Reading “Question for the writers out there:”

It’s beginning to feel like home!

It’s been three weeks since we moved and we’re finally, FINALLY getting this place unpacked.  I’m on call this weekend, but things have been relatively quiet at work (I’ve checked my email about 10 bajillion times).  I decided that today would be the day… Continue Reading “It’s beginning to feel like home!”

A question to the writers out there…

…do you ever feel like you’re going to drown in all the stories that are tumbling around inside your head, just waiting to be written? I do.  There are so many, and they come at me in flashes and tiny snippets.  Moments of dialogue.… Continue Reading “A question to the writers out there…”

The unexpected perils of writing

So the remnants of Hurricane Isaac finally made their way to Indiana.  As someone who is obsessed with rain because it fires up my writing muse, I was only too happy to move into the living room and set up shop by our huge… Continue Reading “The unexpected perils of writing”