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Exhaustion and a good book….oh, and Henry Cavill

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From Seattle to the farmer’s market – a week in review

I’ll probably fall asleep in the middle of writing this update.  (Edit: I wrote that first sentence approximately 10 hours ago, and then I went and took a nap.)  I slept nearly the entire way back from Seattle yesterday, slept all night, and still feel like a zombie.  But anyway, it’s been a busy week, and here’s the recap:

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Back to Seattle!

I catch a 6am flight to Seattle (via Phoenix) on Monday morning.  This will be my third trip to Seattle since January.  And then I fly out again to go BACK on June 2nd.  For years now, I’ve dreamt of going to Seattle.  The Pacific Northwest has always called to me but I was far too broke to make it out there.  Now, thanks to a certain giant online retailer that I happen to work for, I have had multiple trips to this amazing city this year.  My stomach is already rumbling, open and ready for the copious amounts of seafood that I will shove into it during my four night stay.

I love Seattle. I’m one of those weirdos that loves rainy days.  You can keep your bright blue skies because I want clouds, the rumble of thunder, and the feel of raindrops on my skin.  My first trip to Seattle in January was a huge disappointment because all I got in five days there was a bunch of fog.  When I went back in April, Mother Nature had pity on me and let it rain almost every day.  While everyone at the corporate office apologized for the weather, I was giddy!  Seattle rain, FINALLY.  One morning, I rolled out of bed, peered out my 9th floor window, and did a happy dance that it was already raining.  So then what did I do?  I shoved my iPhone against the window and took a short video of the dreary Seattle morning and quiet city streets.  

I want to live in that area of the US.  I’m hoping to transfer there in 2014 and Hubby is all for moving, even though he hasn’t had the pleasure of visiting the city yet.  My last two trips were less “touristy” than I would have liked because I dined with co-workers each evening and was never alone.  This time, I don’t know anyone else that’s coming for the training and I’ll be able to strike out on my own, which I love.  I’m also staying in a different hotel this time than the last two times I was there so I will get to explore a different area of the city. I’m determined to take the Seattle Underground tour this time, too!

Anyway, other than the time we take to go see the new Star Trek flick this weekend, I need to organize and pack.  I always feel guilty leaving Hubby and the dog alone but they’re two peas in a pod and they get along just fine, which makes me have a better time on my trip because I know they’re taking care of each other! Anyway, I’ll probably be posting from Seattle next week.  I have every intention of getting some writing done while I’m there, too.  Fingers crossed that it actually happens!

Aren’t the Cascades gorgeous?









A pretty January Seattle sunset (I handled the lack of clouds because it was so gorgeous!)











I love Pike Place Market!


IMG_0434 IMG_0432

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Seattle, writing, and… Honey Boo Boo?

I’m going to Seattle in one week!!!!!!!!!!!  Those that know me know how freakin‘ excited I am about this trip.  Plus, it’s a business trip, fully paid for by my employer, and I get to spend five nights in the city I’ve been dreaming of moving to for at least two decades.  (I’m also legitimately excited to see the corporate campus.  It’s apparently huge and pretty awesome.  Maybe I’ll run into a certain world-respected technological revolutionary who happens to be the CEO of the company, too!)  I’ve never been to Seattle, no, but the weather and the location have always called to me.  I thrive on wet and/or gloomy days, and Seattle seems to have their fair share of them.  I’ve set several stories, both fanfiction and original WIPs in Seattle, and I hope to do some recon while I’m there to come up with new and original settings for stories. I want to be inspired and be filled with ideas for writing once I get home!  Anyway, those that follow me on Twitter (current Twitter is this, but I think I’m moving over to this one), Tumblr, and Instagram better be prepared for a ton of pictures. (And I know I’ll be putting some on here, too.)  I’m going to be burning up my iPhone snapping shots of every possible thing.  And as of right now, the forecast for Seattle is saying sunny days.  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.  I want rain, and I want a lot of it.  For the full Seattle experience, I want to be soaked from the rain.  Got it, Mother Nature???

On the writing front, I have an idea that’s been percolating in my head lately.  It’s a World War II-era story and it’s slowly coming together.  I’ve written a few paragraphs here and there, just little snippets from that moment or this moment as I see them clearly in my head.  Maybe nothing will come of it, but at this point, I’m thankful for any writing inspiration I get!

Anyway, I have a busy week ahead.  I have to wrap everything up before I leave so that I have no loose ends waiting for me here while I’m out there.  I’ll hit the ground running when I get back and then, in mid-April, I get to go BACK to Seattle for another week of training!!!!

Also, we discovered “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” tonight, and, like most of America, we were unable to look away from the redneck trainwreck.  What. the. hell? We were flipping channels and I saw a toothless man speaking the southern version of American English and they had him subtitled.   Within three seconds, I realized what we were watching.  Within five seconds, we were both sucked in and howling hysterically.  While that family frightens the ever-lovin’ hell out of me, I couldn’t stop watching.  Also, it’s fairly obvious that Alana aka Honey Boo Boo, is, at 7-years-old, the smartest one in her family by a mile. Oy.  Stupid show!