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My name is Rachel. I’ve been married to Tim since 2005 and we have a 140 pound dog named Roxie. I have a master’s degree in management and work in the field of employee relations. We live 15 miles west of Seattle on the Kitsap Peninsula (which is attached to the Olympic Peninsula) in a little, nearly 100-year-old house about a quarter-mile from the saltwater shores of Sinclair Inlet, which is an arm of Puget Sound.

I’m a writer.  Besides blogging, I always have at least four novel premises and eight characters that live in my head full-time.  Needless to say, there’s a war going on for which story gets written.  Right now, I’m focusing on only one novel and it’s in the developmental stages.  I was a prolific fanfiction writer during the first part of the “Glee” TV show craze, but that has waned. I dream of writing my own romance novel a la Susan Elizabeth Phillips, but life keeps getting in my way.

I’m also an avid reader, stealing moments of time to get lost in words whenever I can.  I mainly read historical nonfiction, historical fiction, contemporary romance, memoirs about people who gave everything up to go live on farms, and religious texts of all kinds.

We are avid RVers. We have a campsite at a private campground on a lake in the middle of the forest on the Olympic Peninsula and we go there frequently. We keep our travel trailer there and would go there all the time if we could!

I’m a woman who has long struggled with her faith, but am happy to report that the struggle is over. Raised Protestant, I married a Catholic and converted to Catholicism in 2007. We left the church in 2010 due to both the sex abuse scandal and the Catholic obsession with anti-abortion efforts at the expense of every other aspect of life. I was a United Methodist for many years and then attended an Anabaptist church for a while. After a lot of soul searching, I accepted the fact that, deep down, I was a fraud because I never really believed the Jesus story. As a result, I started studying other religions and their beliefs, which led me to the discovery that everything I believed about God resided within Judaism.  After a long conversion process under the tutelage of a rabbi, I entered the mikveh and emerged Jewish. It is much more than a religion but a way of thought and of life.

13 thoughts on “My bio

    1. Sorry I’m just now seeing this comment! But obsessed is probably the more honest word, because when I love something, I LOVE something!

  1. I love your work. Especially how you write smuckleberry. I recently found your new story about puck crashing a jet and reconnecting with rachel. It was really good. I saw on your blog that you’re going tro come back to seattle in aug. That’s my town! seattle’s awesome. ANyways, I hope you keep writing puckleberry. you write them so well. Just saying. 🙂

    1. Puckleberry will always pop back up. They are the shipping love of my life, so I’m not sure I’ll ever leave them behind for good!

  2. You are truly an interesting person. I just read where you now live near Seattle. I love the northwest. My parents lived north of Seattle in Stanwood for about 30 years so I’ve been out there many times. Well, I’m going back to reading more of your writing…

  3. Rachael…great to meet a fellow blogger who shares a passion for writing. Interesting about your fondness for the forties era…perhaps you lived a previous life during that time and it was cut short. Thank you for visiting and following my blog…I am thoroughly enjoying reading my way through yours! Merry Christmas from Canada!

    1. Thank you! If you scroll back far enough, you will see my entry about the haunted radio! And you might not be far off about a past life in the 40s. Sometimes I feel like I miss it!!!!

  4. Strange to see from all those trinitarian faiths you did not come ot accept Jesus as the way to God , him being the Messiah, but choose for a faith where they still look for the Messiah, except when you would have chosen for Messianic Jews or Jeshuaists.

    May we do hope you consider your quest for the God of Israel and come to see that in Christianity there are many groups who worship the Only True God of Israel and not a Trinity. If you would like to become a Jew, why would you not become one who accepts Jeshua as their Messiah?

    1. Because a true Jew does not see Jesus as the Messiah. And I do not see Jesus as the Messiah. You do, that’s great. But my studies have shown my otherwise, which is why I rejected Christianity and chose the path I did. Have a nice day.

  5. Raised Protestant, marrying a Catholic and first converting to that trinitarian faith we do not know if the Anabaptist church you attended for a while was a trinitarian or a non-trinitarian one.

    Pity you never really believed the Jesus story. but good to see that what you believed about God resided within Judaism, because there is the base of everything, also of the real Christian faith (= non-trinitarian faith). Lovely to hear that after a long conversion process under the tutelage of a rabbi, you entered the mikveh and emerged in a new way of thought and of life.
    Having gone to the basic faith of People of God we can only hope that you shall come to see that rebbe Jeshua was a special man who opened the way to God for all people.

    We noticed you had already some good conversation with some Jehovah’s Witnesses and do hope you also shall meet other true christians who believe in the Only One true God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah. We also do hope you shall be able to meet other Jews who have found that Jeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way to God. It would not be bad to have a look at the thoughts and teachings of real Messianic Jews (the non-trinitarian Messianics) and real followers of the Jewish master teacher Jeshua, the Jeshuaists for example.

    In any case we wish you a blessed life with lots of opportunities to grow in the faith God wants you to have (because in the end it is always He Who calls His people).

    1. I’m only approving this comment so that I can reply. I understand that you’re trying to “make believers of all nations,” but:

      1) I don’t need to be evangelized. I don’t come to your site to talk to push my beliefs on you, and I’d appreciate the same respect from you. I was a Christian for my entire life until a few years ago. I’m WELL-VERSED in both trinitarian and non-trinitarian Christian beliefs. I’m highly educated and have been a student of religion for most of my adult life. It’s not a lack of understanding that led me away from Christianity – it was discovering the truth through study that showed me that Christianity is false.

      2) “Jews that have found Jeshua” as you put it are not Jews at all. Messianic “Jews” are Christians who use Jewish practices as part of their worship, but the Jewish world does not recognize them as Jewish. Anyone who sees Jesus as the Messiah is a Christian, not a Jew. They can claim Judaism as their own all they want, but it is not true.

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