What is 14th and Oak?

(updated 6/24/2016)

I chose this particular blog title and address over three years ago in honor of my favorite old time radio show, Fibber McGee & Molly.  Anyone who is a listener of this classic show knows that anytime anything ever happened in the lovely little town of Wistful Vista, it happened at 14th and Oak. Bank robbery?  It was at the bank that sits at 14th and Oak. Fibber’s car stolen?  He remembered that it was last parked it at 14th and Oak.  Fibber’s hand caught in a mailbox?  It was the mailbox at the corner of 14th and Oak.  Molly headed to the Bon-Ton Department store to scope out the fur coats?  The Bon-Ton was at 14th and Oak. Fibber craving ice cream from the soda counter at Kramer’s Drugs?  That was located at 14th and Oak.

Now that it’s 2016 and my life is quite different than it was years ago, I’ve toyed with the idea of changing the blog title and address to something more contemporary and fitting for my life today. And then I asked myself “why?” I still love Fibber Mcgee & Molly and still listen to it almost daily.  In fact, if I take a step back and look, my love of this show has been one of the few constants in my ever-changing life these past eight years. So, for now, the web address and title stays. Why fix what isn’t broken?

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