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Microsoft Surface 2 – a non-techie’s review of why she fired her iPad

I’ve wanted to blog about my Surface 2 since I bought it back in October.  Yeah, it’s January and I’m just now getting around to it, but better late than never, eh?

Let me start by saying that you will find no hard technical specs comparisons to other devices in this post because, frankly, the average user doesn’t care much about that stuff.  In fact, if you start rambling on about processor speed and screen resolution, I’m going to tune you out faster than a Taylor Swift song.  What we want are devices that ingrain themselves into our lives and become invaluable to us, right? Well, stay tuned.

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Call Me Laura…

Yesterday, I took a trip to Walnut Grove. I was a modern day Laura Ingalls, blazing through the Polar Vortex or Snowpocalypse 2014 or whatever it was that made Indianapolis slightly colder than Antartica. Bundled against the temperature, we used candles and oil lamps to help heat our home because our furnace couldn’t beat the cold drafts coming through our doors and icing up our window frames like a freezer badly in need of defrosting. We scrounged for food. We only went outside when necessary.  And most importantly (and most pioneer-like), we were without internet. Or cable.  *gasp*

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