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The Greatest Generation: A Man Named Pete

Pete, or James K. Stepro, as was his given name, was born on a chilly February Saturday in 1912. The seventh of eight children in a three-room house with no electricity, he was from inauspicious beginnings.  The family was poor but they did the… Continue Reading “The Greatest Generation: A Man Named Pete”

Our new table!

I decided yesterday that I hated our dining room table, so we went and got a new one today. Here’s Tim looking exceptionally excited about having to unload everything and then put it all together. (I felt like a dork driving home with the… Continue Reading “Our new table!”

Just an update…

I haven’t been around to blog much, but in my defense, it’s because life has suddenly gone topsy-turvy.  About three weeks ago, I was doing a job search for my husband and ended up applying for a job in my own field that looked… Continue Reading “Just an update…”

Disconnecting to connect

Spending an afternoon with my grandparents is like falling into a time warp.  For one, they live in the middle of flat Indiana farmland, their house butting up against a thick stand of trees.  There’s no T-Mobile coverage out there, that’s for sure.  They… Continue Reading “Disconnecting to connect”