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Dear Canada,

I just discovered Bomb Girls. Thank you! Love, An American born four decades too late

An interesting challenge (the writing process):

In the novel I’m writing (okay, in one of them I’m writing but in the one I’m focusing on right now), I have to tell not one but two separate love stories.  The first one ends tragically, a casualty of war, and the second… Continue Reading “An interesting challenge (the writing process):”

“Now is the Hour” – a World War II-era short story

Ben told Iris a lot of things over the years as they played in the street or went ice skating on the pond. And as much as she told Ben about her hopes and her dreams, there was one thing she always held back.… Continue Reading ““Now is the Hour” – a World War II-era short story”

“Chance and Happenstance” – a World War II-era short story

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and catapulted America into the war, Ella was just past her seventeenth birthday. Up until that very moment when her quiet Sunday afternoon had been torn apart by the steady but frantic words that poured through the radio… Continue Reading ““Chance and Happenstance” – a World War II-era short story”

It’s no wonder that I have so few friends.

Co-worker, who approaches me as I stand at the copier with earbuds in my ears and my iPod in my hand:  What song are you listening to? Me, as I take out an earbud:  Huh? Co-worker: What song are you listening to? Me: Oh!… Continue Reading “It’s no wonder that I have so few friends.”

The history that surrounds you

The thing I love about history is that it’s everywhere.  Growing up, I was convinced that I lived in the single most boring spot in America: southern Indiana.  My parents were quick to correct me of this gross inaccuracy and then proceeded to haul… Continue Reading “The history that surrounds you”

I’m alone on an island…

One more quick post that revolves around a single thought –  I’m alone on an island!  I’m a boat without oars!  I’m a cart with no wheels! I’m a phone with no receiver!  Why?  Because I have no one with which to talk about… Continue Reading “I’m alone on an island…”