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Getting back in the saddle again

I’ve spent the last 3.5 weeks (since putting Kyle to sleep) in various emotional states, ranging from super depressed to almost numb.  For a while, I found a bit of respite in my old standby, writing fanfiction, but now I’m in the mood to… Continue Reading “Getting back in the saddle again”

My writing process of late: a big WTF

Struggle for days to get anything written. Start and stop. Start. Stop. Swear. Storm away from netbook in a rage. Try again later.  No dice. Get to work the next day. Become greatly inspired while handling mundane tasks. Brain swims in ideas all morning.… Continue Reading “My writing process of late: a big WTF”

…wait…who are you?

I have a serious problem. I don’t know my characters. At all. I’m working on some of my very earliest scenes of my novel and the interactions and the dialogue just feels so…wooden.  I’ve sketched out their basic personalities but I now realize that I have… Continue Reading “…wait…who are you?”