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“To dos” and gratitude

In our two weeks (plus one day) of home ownership, we’ve already learned a few things. Mainly, how to do stuff. Last night, I watched my husband, who was convinced just six weeks ago that we would need to hire someone to do every…

Back from my hiatus – and as a homeowner!

We are officially homeowners for the first time in our lives, and after almost ten years of marriage!  We closed on our lovely little house in Port Orchard, Washington on 10/27, took possession the next day, and moved in Thursday.  

A touch of Rosie (the Riveter)

For my husband to make any kind of drastic change in his life, there has to be a “last straw.”  I’ve heard him tell me about his various last straws before, but I’m usually not that kind of person.  This week, though, I discovered…