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The firefly

My favorite thing about summer are the lightning bugs.  They’re soothing to watch and the very sight of them fills me with nostalgia.  They take me back.  

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An all-girls weekend

When their husbands are away, some women let their hair down, go out with friends, and get a little wild. Me? I stay in my pajamas all day and make dishes where the main ingredient is cabbage. I’m a rebel. Roxie and I have spent our Saturday sleeping on various surfaces – the bed (both…

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A short tour –

So now that my dining room is complete, I thought I’d give a little tour since I have modern mixed with vintage and I really love the way it’s come together. First, here is the complete dining room from the view of the hallway.  The table is brand new and the oil lamp is only…

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What happened to the magic?

A few weeks ago, I was excited about the upcoming holiday season.  With a new job in a company that is heavily focused on the holidays, I thought this year would be different.  The last few years, I have preferred for December to just skip by and leave me be.  Due to family issues, Christmas…

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