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It’s beginning to feel like home!

It’s been three weeks since we moved and we’re finally, FINALLY getting this place unpacked.  I’m on call this weekend, but things have been relatively quiet at work (I’ve checked my email about 10 bajillion times).  I decided that today would be the day… Continue Reading “It’s beginning to feel like home!”

On the nighshift

Gonna be some sweet sounds Coming down on the nightshift I bet you’re singing proud Oh I bet you’ll pull a crowd Gonna be a long night It’s gonna be all right On the nightshift Oh you found another home I know you’re not… Continue Reading “On the nighshift”

my life got flipped, turned upside down…

I’ve been really neglectful of this blog lately but I can’t help it.  I recently (in the last few weeks) started a new job.  I’m in a leadership role within the operations side of a very large online retailer (you can probably guess which… Continue Reading “my life got flipped, turned upside down…”

Just an update…

I haven’t been around to blog much, but in my defense, it’s because life has suddenly gone topsy-turvy.  About three weeks ago, I was doing a job search for my husband and ended up applying for a job in my own field that looked… Continue Reading “Just an update…”