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And the giveaway winner is…

How a winner was determined:

My methods are extremely scientific.

  1. First, I wrote all of the names of those that entered here on my blog and over at the MaryJanesFarm forums on a piece of paper.
  2. Then I cut the paper into strips and folded up each foot.
  3. Next, I threw the strips on the floor and mixed them up by kicking them around.  I then scraped them into a neat pile, closed my eyes, and picked up a folded strip with my toes.

See, very scientific!

Anyway, the winner is Kathy aka IdahoShamrock over on MJF!  Congrats!  Please use the “Contact Me” page on my blog to send me your mailing address so that I can mail out these aprons.

Thanks for participating!


Wife, proud Jew, full-time career woman, writer, blogger, avid RVer, reader, crafter, dog mom, amateur historian, supporter of liberal causes, occasional ghost hunter. Dream of climbing Mt. Rainier. Although a Hoosier by birth, the Pacific Northwest is my home.

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