The farmgirl life

Jubilee 2015!

Sylvia’s beautifully done Jubilee banner!

Our Farmgirl chapter, Back Door Farmgirls, got together on Saturday for our first Jubilee!

In true Farmgirl fashion, there were aprons and food and how-tos and laughing Рso much laughing Рand we all had a blast.  Sylvia is a wonderful chapter leader and I feel so blessed that she invited me to join back in January!

Having fun!


Marilyn’s beautiful dessert, complete with Jubilee sign.
Soap making and rope making were the activities of the day, led by the amazingly accomplished and brain-full-of-knowledge-of-how-to-do-everything Sherri! No, we didn’t forget the Nilla wafers for our banana pudding – this will be lovely lavender-scented soap when it’s cured!

And we made Farmgirl chapter necklaces!

So pretty!
So pretty!

If you don’t know what Farmgirls are, please get yourself to MaryJanesFarm right this second, okay?


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