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Scenic Saturday

Indiana History! And goats and sheep and cows and pigs!

One of the very best parts of living in Indiana is being able to visit Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.  

The firefly

My favorite thing about summer are the lightning bugs.  They’re soothing to watch and the very sight of them fills me with nostalgia.  They take me back.  

From Seattle to the farmer’s market – a week in review

I’ll probably fall asleep in the middle of writing this update.  (Edit: I wrote that first sentence approximately 10 hours ago, and then I went and took a nap.)  I slept nearly the entire way back from Seattle yesterday, slept all night, and still… Continue Reading “From Seattle to the farmer’s market – a week in review”

Precious Moments Cross Stitch Giveaway

I don’t cross stitch anymore due to carpal tunnel and other interests.  As a result, I’m giving things away! What I’m giving away:

Seattle, seed catalogs, and a hole in my nose

I’m home from Seattle.  (You couldn’t hear it but I just let out a long, sad sigh.)  

Sustainability of Food Systems class – for FREE!

I am always a student.  I may have finished my Master’s degree in 2009, but I am still learning.  How to be a better wife. How to be improve my skills in my field of Human Resources. How to quilt and sew and craft.… Continue Reading “Sustainability of Food Systems class – for FREE!”

What I’m reading…

I’m in love. With a book. I checked out Barnheart: The Incurable Longing for A Farm of One’s Own by Jenna Woginrich from the library, fully planning to leave it on my iPad until I got to the airport next Monday for my flight(s)… Continue Reading “What I’m reading…”