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A visit aboard the LST-325

The LST-325 docked for tours at Madison, Indiana on 09/14/2013.  This LST (Landing Ship, Tank) was used on D-Day +1 to offload tanks, trucks, jeeps, and troops at Omaha Beach and to transport injured soldiers back to England for care.  It was utilized in Korea & Vietnam before being decommissioned and sold to the Greek government.  When the Greeks were ready to scrap it, it was purchased by a group of veterans who have worked to restore her as she was during World War II.  Her home port is Evansville, IN, but she sails during the summer so that others may board her and explore a piece of history.


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My terrarium is here!

Thanks to the amazing artists at Twig Terrariums in Brooklyn, NY, I now have my very own version of the famous Times Square V-J Day kiss!  They did an incredible job!

A teeny tiny version of the Times Square V-J Day kiss!
A teeny tiny version of the Times Square V-J Day kiss!
Another shot of them.
Another shot of them.
6" tall terrarium
The entire terrarium is only 6″ tall!
Terrarium, depression glass, & Air Chief
The terrarium amongst all my antiques, which is where it belongs!
The kiss from above
The kissing couple from above.

I love how it turned out!  Isn’t it great?

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Journey to Tunisia

As I have discussed in previous entries, preserving my great-great uncle’s memory is very important to me.  As is taking my dad to Tunisia next year so that we can stand in front of his grave.  I’ve decided to chronicle the journey – from our inspiration to our planning to our preparation to the actual trip, and I’m doing it here at Journey to Tunisia.  I hope you’ll follow!