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Dreams (a short story)

She wishes that she knew why the dreams keep coming back. They start a year after graduation, just when she’s finally sloughing off the last vestiges of childhood and trying to find her way in the world as a young woman. The first time… Continue Reading “Dreams (a short story)”

The POV debate

As I have stated in a previous entry, I’ve had a long-time ban on books written in first person POV (known as FPPOV for the rest of this entry).  That ban ended, though, upon giving in and reading Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless, because then I… Continue Reading “The POV debate”

Can we be friends?

I want to befriend other aspiring novelists or full-fledged authors so that we can talk and share ideas  and offer support but I have no idea where to meet them.  Hello?  Writers?  Are you out there?  Can we chat?

Question for the writers out there:

Does music inspire your writing?  Do you hear a song and envision a scene, or do you write a scene and then connect the perfect song to it?  Or does music not move you at all when it comes to crafting your story? Please… Continue Reading “Question for the writers out there:”

A question to the writers out there…

…do you ever feel like you’re going to drown in all the stories that are tumbling around inside your head, just waiting to be written? I do.  There are so many, and they come at me in flashes and tiny snippets.  Moments of dialogue.… Continue Reading “A question to the writers out there…”