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Question for the writers out there:

Does music inspire your writing?  Do you hear a song and envision a scene, or do you write a scene and then connect the perfect song to it?  Or does music not move you at all when it comes to crafting your story?

Please share, if you don’t mind!


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2 thoughts on “Question for the writers out there:

  1. I tend to get inspired by music. I never used to listen to music when I wrote before. Most of the time, I had the TV on as background noise, but recently I’ve been starting to use playlists and music. I don’t usually hear a song and envision a scene. Most of the time I already have the scene in my head and I know how it’s going to play out beforehand, but I make a playlist after that sort of gets me hyped up or in the mood~ to write the moment.

  2. I like to listen to instrumental music while writing, especially upbeat ones. It feels like they’re setting the pace for me and I have to fall in synch with them. Occasionally I try to match the music to the mood of the story, and that helps me greatly. 🙂

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