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Roxie the snow dog

We’re currently enduring Snowpocalypse 2014.  We have about 6 inches (so far) on top of the remaining 2-3 inches from a few days ago, and it’s supposed to snow hard for at least 4 more hours.  Tim and I woke up at 3:30pm (hey, we’re on a night shift schedule!) and looked out our 2nd floor window, only to see this:


A huge tree branch collapsed due to the weight of the snow.  It didn’t damage our fence, but it broke part of the neighbor’s fence next door.

As soon as we get up, it’s potty-time for Roxie.  This dog is four years old and has been a snow addict since we adopted her at 4 months and took her home in January.  Our first snowfall after she arrived resulted in this little ball of fur bouncing from snowdrift to snowdrift, her face buried in the snow.  Needless today, she was even more excited today because, not only is there snow, there’s also a strange tree in her space that she had to sniff and thoroughly investigate!  Meanwhile, Tim was shoveling snow and removing smaller branches, and I just stood around and took pictures…

Roxie, checking things out
Roxie, checking things out
She's intrigued!
She’s intrigued!
Tim and Rox investigating further...
Tim and Rox investigating further…
Roxie the snow dog
Roxie the snow dog

3 thoughts on “Roxie the snow dog

    1. Thanks! We’re fine, although we ended up with almost a foot of snow, and now temperatures are going sub-zero for the next few days. I hate Indiana winters! Needless to say, the Mustang isn’t going ANYWHERE in this weather! 🙂

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